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Paid sick days: agents of all status are entitled to them.

Did you know that not only regular A-01 employees are entitled to sick days? 

The sick leaves bank provided for in article 7.02 of the Decree respecting security guards is a benefit available for regular A-01 employees. However, since December 4, 2019, the Decree provides two paid sick days per calendar year, for all employees who have been employed by their employer for more than three months, regardless of their status. To be eligible, certain conditions must be met:

  • The absence must be related to the care, health or education of his child or the child of his spouse, or because of the health condition of a parent or a person for whom the employee acts as a caregiver;   
  • It may also be related to an authorized absence for a reason provided for in section 79.1 of the Act respecting labor standards
  • The employee must notify his employer of his absence as soon as possible
  • He must also take all reasonable measures to limit the time he takes the leave.
  • These two days may be split, if the employer agrees, and are remunerated according to the following calculation method: 1/20 of the wages earned during the 4 complete weeks of pay preceding the week of the holiday, including premiums, but excluding overtime hours.

For more details, we invite you to consult section 7.01 6o of the Decree respecting security guards or to contact a member of our team.