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Did you know that the Decree also covers the signage industry?

Although its title is “Decree respecting security guards”, the Decree governs security-related tasks, not job titles.

Any employee performing security work that meets the following definition is covered by the Decree, regardless of job title:

Section 1.01.20o  “security work” : duties related to watching, monitoring, safety or protection, comprising any of the following tasks:

a) monitoring, watching or protecting persons, property or premises;

b) searching;

c) issue, when authorized, violation reports related to parking or other violations provided for in any other Act;

d) directing or controlling traffic;

e) supervising the employees of an employer’s customer;

f) patrolling in a motor vehicle, on a bicycle or on foot;

g) preventing shoplifting;

h) preventing theft, fire and vandalism;

i) ensuring, as a school crossing guard, the safety of children at school crossings or at intersections.


The following tasks may be considered security work when performed as a complement to any of the security tasks mentioned in the first paragraph:

a) directing or driving persons to their destinations;

b) checking passes;

c) giving out information;

d) receiving persons;

e) collecting and registering found objects.

This work must be done on behalf of or through a security agency. It is important to specify that the Decree gives a broad meaning to the definition of security agency. It is defined as “person carrying out or having someone else carry out for others security work provided for in paragraph 20”.

For more information, we invite you to consult sections 1.01 paragraphs 1, 1.1 and 20 of the Decree respecting security guards or to contact a member of our team.