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About Us

What is CPAS ?

The Parity Committee for security guards is a non-profit organization responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Decree respecting security guards under the Act respecting collective agreement decrees.

The Act respecting collective agreement decrees allows members of a collective agreement to ask the government to extend certain provisions of the agreement to all employers and employees in their sectors of employment. A decree is therefore the legal extension of a collective agreement.

Not all of the negotiated collective agreement’s provisions form the decree, but mainly those of a financial nature: wages, leave, overtime, etc. By requesting an order-in-council, the contracting parties seek to prevent unfair competition from employers who would not be subject to a collective agreement. They make sure that the wages and working conditions of employees are not a competitive factor. 

In the security sector, a first decree was issued on August 13, 1980 for the Quebec City area and on April 15, 1981 for the Montreal area. In February 1984, the two decrees were merged into one: The Decree respecting security guards. 

MIssion and vision





Ethics and Professional Conduct

Who are the members of the Board of Directors?

Chairman 2023-2024 : Vincent Boily

Vice-chairman : Éric Perreault

Éric Perreault (APAS)

Dany Laflamme (APAS)

Dany Filteau (APAS)

Jean-François Landry (APAS)

Martin Sirois (APAS)

Kyle Wightman (APAS)

Vincent Boily (Métallos)

Sylvain-Rock Plante (Métallos)

Denis Fafard (Métallos)

Daniel Desjardins (Métallos) 

Luc Boisvert (Métallos)

Michel Courcy (Métallos)