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  • How can I obtain my security guard’s licence ?
  • The work site to which I have been assigned does not require the wearing of a uniform. Am I subject to the Decree nevertheless?
  • What happens when I file a complaint against my employer with the Parity Committee?
  • I would like to file a complaint with the Parity Committee against my employer, but I am afraid of reprisals. What should I do?
  • Will my complaint remain confidential?
  • How long does it take to obtain a settlement once a complaint has been filed?
  • Why did I receive a cheque from my employer in a Parity Committee envelope ?
  • Who will issue the Relevé 1 and T4 slips for the sums of money related to the Parity Committee's claim that I received during the year ?
  • Am I required to submit time sheets to my employer?
  • Is my employer required to give me a minimum number of work hours per week?
  • Can I sign an agreement with my employer to have him stagger my overtime hours or to have him put them in a bank of hours?
  • If I work more than 12 hours per shift, do these additional hours become overtime, i.e. paid at time and a half?
  • My employer requires that I go to his offices to pick up equipment before proceeding to the work site. From what point in time must I be paid?
  • Is my employer obliged to give me a letter of reference after I leave his employ?
  • At what moment am I entitled to a meal period?
  • Is the amount of $0.25 an hour that my employer pays me when I am in charge of one or more employees a premium?
  • When I work at night, am I entitled to a premium or a higher hourly rate?
  • What is the difference between a dismissal and a layoff?
  • If the contract to which I was assigned has ended or if I am removed from the contract, am I dismissed?
  • Does the Parity Committee have the power to require my reinstatement?
  • What are the statutory holidays?
  • To what amount am I entitled for a statutory holiday?
  • On Easter Monday, the site where I ordinarily work is closed. As a result, I did not work on that day (day off). Is my employer required to pay me for Easter Monday or Good Friday?
  • Does my employer have to pay the hours worked on Remembrance Day at time and a half or at double time?
  • Am I entitled to personal holidays regardless of my status ?
  • When must I be paid the balance of the accumulated amount of sick or accident leave?
  • Do I have to pay or reimburse my employer for the uniform that he provides?
  • I was summoned to testify in Court. Who must pay me for this day?
  • If I worked during the weeks preceding a holiday, but I'm on parental leave since the week where the holiday falls, am I entitled to the indemnity for statutory general holiday?
  • Am I entitled to the two paid days of absence provided by CNESST?