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It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the Parity Committee for security guards` internet site.

Since 1982 the Parity Committee, administered by the Quebec government, oversees the application of the Decree respecting security guards. This Decree defines the working conditions of thousands of employees working in the security private sector which plays an important role in Quebec`s economy.

In July 2006, I was offered the general manager position. Concerned about the quality of the services we offer to the employees and employers governed by the Decree respecting security guards, the creation of this site was a priority.

This site will highly contribute to make the information more accessible since it will be available at all times. You will mostly find documents and information relative to the decree respecting security guards as well as the Parity Committee`s regulations and both their application. Therefore, we invite you to go to our Frequently Asked Questions section prepared by our inspection department.

The information given on our internet site will also allow you to discover the inventory of the services offered by the Parity Committee. To know more and/or if you believe you need our services do not hesitate to contact us.

Sylvain Laplante