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Since 1934, the provincial Act respecting collective agreement decrees has allowed the parties entering into a collective agreement to request that the government extend to all employers and employees of a given sector certain provisions contained in the agreement.

Not all of the provisions constituting the collective agreement are included in the decree, but mainly those concerning monetary matters are (ie.: wages, holidays and leaves, overtime, etc.). In asking for a decree, the contracting parties aim to prevent disloyal competition from other employers who might not be governed by a collective agreement, by ensuring that the wages and the working conditions of the employees are not a factor of competition between the employers..

In the security guard agencies field, a decree first came into effect on August 13th 1980 for Quebec City and its regions, and then a second decree came into effect on April 15th 1981 for Montreal and its regions. In February 1984, the two decrees were combined into just one.

The Act respecting collective agreement decrees also stipulates that the contracting parties set up a parity committee to supervise the implementation of the decree. All employers, as well as all employees, whether unionized or not are subject to the decree and they must contribute to the financing of the parity committee's operations.

The Parity committee for security guards is managed by a Board of Directors composed in equal number of employers' and employees’ representatives. The board of directors then appoints a general manager who, together with staff of inspectors and office personnel, maintains the committee in operation and ensures application of the decree.