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Qui sommes-nous ?

Board of directors


The board of directors is composed of an equal number trade-union representatives and employers' representatives.

The position of chairman and vice-chairman are occupied in alternation during one year by an elected employers' representative and an elected trade-union representative.

Who are the members of the board?

Chairman 2018: Dany Laflamme           Vice-chairman : Patrick Pellerin

Board of directors 2018-2019

Front  :  

Kyle Wightman (APAS) Guy Doré (UASQ)   Patrick Pellerin (UASQ)  Dany Laflamme (APAS) 

Frédérico Ramos (APAS)


Éric Perreault (APAS) Dany Filteau (APAS) Pierre C. Ricard (APAS)  Guy Coulombe (UASQ)

Vincent Boily (UASQ)  Sylvain-Rock Plante (MÉTALLOS)


absence :Pierre Bélair (APAS)