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Qui sommes-nous ?

Board of directors


The board of directors is composed of an equal number trade-union representatives and employers' representatives.

The position of chairman and vice-chairman are occupied in alternation during one year by an elected employers' representative and an elected trade-union representative.

Who are the members of the board?

Chairman 2019: Patrick Pellerin           Vice-chairman : Dany Laflamme

Board of directors 2019-2020

Front  :  

Kyle Wightman (APAS)  Dany Laflamme (APAS)   Patrick Pellerin (Métallos)

Guy Doré (Métallos)  Pierre Arseneau (Métallos)


Sylvain-Rock Plante (Métallos)  Pierre Bélair  (APAS)  Guy Coulombe (Métallos)

Pierre C. Ricard (APAS)   Vincent Boily (Métallos) Dany Filteau (APAS)

Éric Perreault (APAS)