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Rapport mensuel de paie


The monthly payroll report, required in virtue of the Regulation respecting the monthly report, is transmitted to the Parity Committee by each employer subject to the Decree.

The monthly report contains information that reflects the employer's pay registers. This allows for the Parity Committee to validate the respect of the decree's dispositions, to verify the conformity, to calculate the levy and to measure the amount of activity. These types of information are also used for statistics purposes that are forwarded to the Ministère du Travail du Québec.

Section 3 of the Regulation respecting the monthly payroll report stipulates that : "The professional employers may use the paper form provided for in Schedule 1 that he or she must send to the parity committee by mail, or the form in computer format that he or she must send to the Committee using the on-line monthly payroll report computer program authorized by the Committee."

The monthly payroll report on the pre-printed form is sent by the Parity Committee during the last week of the current month.  Information of active employees are inscribed, according to the last monthly report processed by our computer.  The employer adds manually the other information required by the Regulation respecting the monthly report.

The monthly report's data in computer format are transmitted online by using the "RMPenligne" secured program.  There are two ways to transmit the monthly payroll report using RMPenligne".  You can either key in your monthly payroll data or import a XML file of your data.

Employers wishing to use "RMPenligne" are invited to complete the "RMPenligne application form" and to communicate with the Parity Committee to plan a preliminary meeting.


Finally, to see the answers to frequently asked questions relative to the monthly payroll reports, we invite you to consult the employers F.A.Q. section.

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