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  • What date format should I use in the monthly payroll report that I send to the Parity Committee?
  • What is the purpose of the calendar that I received from the Parity Committee?
  • The dates of the calendar that I received from the Parity Committee do not correspond to my pay periods. What should I do?
  • What happens if my monthly payroll report (MPR) is not completed properly or if information is missing?
  • What date should I enter for the following payments of wages:
  • If there are 2 holidays in the same month, how should I record them?
  • How should I record an adjustment?
  • I inadvertently paid an employee 5 extra hours in a week and I deducted these 5 hours from a subsequent payroll. How should I record this adjustment in the payroll report?
  • I FAILED TO PAY the holiday indemnity at the time of the Thanksgiving, but I paid it during the next month. How should I report it now?
  • I paid the indemnity for the Thanksgiving Holiday, but I FAILED TO REPORT the payment. How should I report it now ?
  • An error occurred in the last payroll: X worked 24 hours and Y worked 32 hours, but I mixed up the number of hours between these 2 employees when I issued the payroll. How should I report these employees’ wages?
  • I have various premiums to pay. How should I report them?
  • How should I report an employee who worked 25 hours at $14.75 an hour and 15 hours at $16.00 an hour during the same week?
  • How should I report a Class A-01 employee who does Class B hours during the week?
  • Certain individuals have no longer been in my employ for a few months now and the Parity Committee has sent me a pre-printed monthly payroll report (MPR) on which the individuals in question still appear. Why?
  • Certain employees are assigned to security guard duties and to other duties not governed by the Decree. What should I report to the Parity Committee?
  • When must I submit my monthly payroll report (MPR) to the Parity Committee?


  • What documents should I send to the Parity Committee to prove that a claim is unfounded?
  • Why does the Parity Committee claim a 20% penalty on claims?
  • Why do I benefit from a 45-day period before having to pay the 20% penalty on claims in some cases?
  • When and to whom must I pay interest?
  • Does the Parity Committee issue income tax slips (Relevé 1 and T4) to the employees for whom I paid claims by payroll adjustment?
  • Why do some claims seem to be totally erroneous?
  • Must the cumulative earnings of an employee include the payment of the claims for this employee?
  • When should I report the amouts of the claims paid to employees on the monthly payroll report ?
  • How should I report the amounts of the claims paid to employees on the monthly payroll report?


  • What territory does the Decree cover?
  • Under what circumstances does the Decree respecting security guards apply?
  • Am I required to remunerate a student undergoing a period of training in the security field?
  • May an agreement be reached with an employee whereby the latter consents to conditions that are inferior to those of the Decree?
  • Can I put the hours of employees who have worked overtime in a bank of hours or stagger the hours?
  • Do I have to give notice or pay the equivalent if the employee has been in my employ for less than 120 days?
  • What information must appear on the earnings statement of employees?
  • Can I require that my employees come pick up their pay or their earnings statement at the office?
  • An employee has made abusive use of the cell phone that we lent him. Can I make a deduction from his pay?
  • Must I pay a premium to an employee assigned to an afternoon, night or weekend shift?
  • When must I pay the annual vacation?
  • What are the advantages of being a Class A-01 employee?
  • When do I have to pay the balance of the sick leave bank?
  • Can I switch an employee from Class A-01 to Class A-02 because I am no longer able to have him work a sufficient number of hours? He used to work 40 hours a week and since I lost this contract, I have been unable to assign him a task of more than 20 hour
  • How is the 40-kilometre radius determined?
  • Am I required to pay an employee who had to testify in Court?
  • If an employee has worked during the weeks preceding a holiday, but that during the week where a holiday falls he is sick, is he entitled to the indemnity for statutory general holiday?


  • Annual vacation
  • Severance pay
  • Sick leave bank